Which Apprenticeships Suit Me? Part 2

Hi everyone! I hope you're all great.

Today's blog post is, you guessed it, a part 2 to last weeks post, where we focus on what apprenticeships suit certain interests and personality types. If you enjoyed the read, let us know! If you didn't get the chance, you can catch up here.

Without further ado, let's get stuck in.



Are you SPORTY?

Community Sport & Health Officer

Currently in development, this apprenticeship is not quite ready to go just yet. However, the key role of a ‘CSHO’ apprentice is to initiate behaviour change across local communities with engagement in sport and physical activity by organising opportunities to get active! Blimey, that was a mouthful. Think you’re a motivating character? Why not consider it?

Personal Trainer

It might seem like every last man and his dog are becoming personal trainers recently, but it truly is a great, active and rewarding job.

The role of an apprentice Personal Trainer is to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals through the creation of personalised exercise programmes, lifestyle management and nutritional advice. You’ll most likely be working in a gym, so you gotta be a fitness-fanatic to thrive at this job!

Activity Leadership

Are you the kind of *select* person who loves to be outdoors, no matter the weather? Whether sunny, windy, raining or snowing, as an activity leader apprentice you’ll be dealing with it all.

Think about all the fun activities there are in the world: quad biking, abseiling, watersports… this is exactly what your daily job would be like as an activity leader! Sounds pretty amazing, me thinks. Think you’re up to it?


Got a CHATTY personality?


Travel Consultant

Got wanderlust? Love looking at dreamy holidays? Okay, you may not be travelling the globe as an apprentice Travel Consultant, but if you want a career in an office environment where you can book travel and accommodation for others (resulting in severe jealousy) then how about becoming a travel consultant? Hint hint - major holiday discount. My priorities are in the right place, I promise.

Retail Manager

You may already be working in retail, and let’s be honest, it’s marmite. If you’re on the ‘love’ side of the spectrum, why not think about using your bubbly personality to become a manager? Good leadership skills are key for this role, so if this is you, why not contact us to find out what opportunities lie ahead?


Sales Executive

A Sales Executive role is perfect for the person who loves to talk - they have the responsibility to sell a specific product or service, so if you’re skilled at persuading, you'll be sure to succeed!

Consider yourself an ANIMAL LOVER?

Veterinary Nurse


If you love animals but don’t necessarily want to go the full whammy as a vet, why not consider becoming a veterinary nurse? Essentially, you support and provide expert care for the animals receiving treatments.

Animal Care & Welfare Officer

In this role, your responsibility will be to take care of domestic or even wild animals, in places such as kennels and catteries, welfare centres, farms and more. You’ll need a strong, hard-work ethic for this. Wanna give it a go?



A slightly more random one, but necessary all the same. Wanna take care of horses feet? Who doesn’t, to be honest? As an apprentice farrier, your responsibility is based around the maintenance and care of horseshoes - perfect for the outdoorsy animal lover.


So, there we have it. Are you surprised at some of the roles here? I know I wasn't aware of half of them before I started at Further My Future.

Are you interested in any of the apprenticeships above? If so, contact us directly. We can help you!


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