Which Apprenticeships Suit Me?

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well.

Todays blog post is a fun one all about MATCHING.

Since working with Further My Future, my eyes have been opened to the multitude of apprenticeship standards there are. No longer are apprenticeships dominated by 3 trades; there are quite literally hundreds of options. Although not all the standards I’m going to talk about are approved for delivery just yet, they are certainly in development which is positive and exciting for the future of our youth!

I thought it would be a good idea to look at some specific interests and personality types and show you guys the kind of apprenticeships you’d be well suited to. I hope you’re as surprised as I am! Let’s go.


Are you a CREATIVE type?


There are so many creative people out there who want to use their skills and adventurous personalities to follow a career which allows them to show off their flair and imagination. If this is you, see below for some ideas of what you could potentially become an apprentice in!

  • Bespoke Tailor and Cutter - Want to become the next Alexander McQueen and make suits for the Royal Family? Fun fact - he actually did begin his crazy career as an apprentice! Click here to find out more. Equivalent to a foundation degree, this apprenticeship will be your perfect foot in the door to the fashion world.

  • Junior 2D Artist-   Specialising in ‘visual effects’, the main role of this apprenticeship is to assist the senior visual effects artists with computer generated imagery to create images for TV and film. *And breathe*. Not entirely sure what this all means, but if you’re the arty type, check it out - why not?

  • Animator (Degree) - Oh, the excitement of a degree apprenticeship. Yes, you can get a degree via an apprenticeship… for free… whilst getting paid. Miracle, right? If you want to find out more about degree apprenticeships, click here. If you fancy yourself as the modern Walt Disney, this apprenticeship isn’t quite ready for delivery yet, but keep your eyes peeled for news!



Consider yourself a FOODIE? (Obvs.)

I mean, of course you are. But, a career in the food industry is a different story. Notoriously challenging, these jobs aren't for the faint-hearted! If you're committed, interested in the industry and diligent, take a look!

  • Baker - Want to turn your hobby into a career? That is totally possible; what about baking?! Making dough, bread, and coming up with fancy new ideas sounds right up my street, to be honest… not just because I want to be immersed in the smell of pastry all day, promise. An ‘advanced’ baker apprenticeship is also currently underway, too!

  • Hospitality Supervisor - Wanna be bossing people about? Course you do. Want to work in customer service? If you're interested in the food and drink industry but don’t particularly want something hands on in a kitchen, you could supervise staff and activities in a bar, cafe, restaurant… even a hotel. The choice is yours.

  • Senior Chef in Culinary Arts - Currently under development, this very  elaborate sounding role could take you ahead of Gordon Ramsay, who knows. If you’re genuinely passionate about food, cooking, and delighting customers with your delicious creations, this is for you. You’ll be producing imaginative dishes, leading your team, running the world...



See yourself as CARING?

There are so many apprenticeships you can get in care work, which I can imagine are totally rewarding. Take a look below if you're interested!

  • Adult Care Worker - Do you want to make a positive impact on someone’s life? Many vulnerable adults require care whether in day centres, nursing homes or even their own homes. Perhaps challenging but undoubtedly gratifying, you’ll need to be compassionate, brave and committed for this role. You can do it!

  • Teacher - Skip the scary uni debt you hear horror stories about - become a teacher via an apprenticeship and earn on the job whilst learning to degree-level! If becoming a teacher has always been your dream, this is a great way to get your life kick-started.

  • Registered Nurse (Degree) - Woop woop for the degree apprenticeships. Same as above, you can pass on the traditional university route and take up an apprenticeship to start your job as a nurse.

So, there we have it! 9 different apprenticeships for you to consider, totally based on interests, passions and personalities. A second part to this blog post will be going live next week; keep reading and enjoy!

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