What We Do

You might be wondering what exactly we do here at Further My Future. I’m here to explain this. The answer is: we are genuinely interested in helping young people do well.

I’m a young person (I promise, I’m only 19) and let me tell you, Further My Future is exactly the kind of resource that would have done me wonders when I was leaving sixth-form.

My perspective of the company is that we truly want to support individuals to succeed in a position that is right for them; not through a degree, but through apprenticeships.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that university is an absolute no-go or it’s a totally bad route to the working world.

Obviously, some careers require degrees (I’d like to think surgeons and doctors studied a bit before prodding at people’s organs) However, what so many young people don’t know is that there are so many other options.

We are working to educate and show young people exactly what they can do. There are mountains of job paths that you can gain via apprenticeships; most of which, frankly, I had no idea existed.

Even jobs which, when I was at college, I was under the impression I’d have to go to uni to gain.

For me, and lots of other young people, the idea of ‘earning while you’re learning’ is so much more attractive than spending 3 years at university, getting into crippling debts and lacking valid experience. Ouch.

We want to give people security. It’s unfortunate, but since university is SO popular, thousands are leaving with an impressive degree but finding themselves jobless or simply accepting jobs because they have no other choice. This just isn’t right, is it?

Young people like me and you just don’t have accessible information for other options, do we? There are valid alternatives to being funnelled into universities and back out again.

It’s not stressed enough that uni just isn’t appropriate for everyone. Not academic? That’s cool, do a sporty or arty degree. However, the truth is, you’ll still be drowning in essays, assignments and exams that just aren’t what you bargained for.

After spending time working with Further My Future and understanding what their aim is, I can see that the power of technology is going to make this easier.

You’ll be looked at exclusively, we’ll pay attention to your skills and desires rather than seeing you as just a number being placed onto a course which isn’t suitable for you.

Yes, apprenticeships are completely valid alternatives to university, and sometimes even viewed more highly.

Growing up, I always thought that apprenticeships were second best to uni; I was wrong. They’re valued, they’re interesting, and oh-so upcoming. Watch this space.

If you want to learn more about the hundreds of unknown opportunities that could lie ahead for you, keep an eye out for our next post or contact us.

Dayna Spear