Dayna Chats Future With Adam


Name: Adam

Age: 17                                                                               

Employer: Airbus

Job Title: 2nd Year Engineering Apprentice


Hello to our audience, and a very warm welcome to the beginning of a BRAND NEW blog series I am starting. I’m going to be chatting to apprentices in all kinds of industries; our first case study being 17 year old Adam who is an apprentice for Airbus!


First - let's get started with some quickfire!

-What’s your favourite thing about your role?

‘Just the feeling of working every day - it’s exciting and my work is cutting edge!’


-What’s the most challenging part of an apprenticeship?

‘Hmmm… I haven’t found that much challenging yet. Actually, finding my way around the massive workplace! Some of the college work has been quite hard, though.'


-Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

‘I wasn’t really feeling sixth form - I wanted something direct rather than more studying and getting grades. More work is what I wanted’


You could say that Adam has had an impressive kickstart into his career. Beginning his apprenticeship at school-leaver age (16), he’s now 17 and is the apprentice at Defence and Space Airbus, who call themselves ‘an international pioneer in the aerospace industry.’

I had a chat with him all about his role and what he’s learnt so far in the past year.


‘I’m just a small cog in a very big machine’

Despite landing an apprenticeship at a company with an annual turnover of 60 billion pounds *clapping noises* Adam sees the bigger picture of the future. “It’s funny because, really, I’m just a small cog in a very big machine” he says. “On the day to day job, you forget how big the company really is.”

I was curious as to how Adam came across this opportunity; especially as he admits he was originally planning on the more common sixth-form route, as he’d never heard of apprenticeships beforehand!

He tells me how he spoke to a careers advisor who recommended them to him, as he’d preferred the idea of being ‘on the job’ rather than completing more education.

From then, he attended an open day where he spoke to a former Airbus apprentice; after learning about the vast opportunities, he signed himself up! Who wouldn’t?


‘The process was pretty straightforward’

The process, he says, was pretty straightforward. After sending off his CV, he was invited to an ‘assessment day’ and, hey presto - the apprenticeship was his. Go Adam!

I was interested to learn how his apprenticeship works - even though most differ slightly, they all have a mixture of college learning towards a qualification, and working on the job.

Adam’s apprenticeship at Airbus is 3 years long; his first year was solely spent at college, and the second and third alternate on-the-job work and off-the-job learning.

This is why I personally think apprenticeships are ideal; you’re getting a good combo of traditional ‘education’, but also getting a real taste of the working world!


‘I like knowing what the end result is going to be’

Why does Adam enjoy his apprenticeship? Well, he says that he ‘likes knowing what the end result is going to be.’ After completion, he’ll be super qualified with lots of experience - a step ahead of many young people. Unfortunately for today’s youth, future can be a scary prospect - I know this feeling well! Luckily for Adam, he has security.

Adam is happy to chat about his impressions of ‘work life’ so far. He enjoys the ‘flexi time’ at work and agrees that as an apprentice, you’re treated just like any other employee. Adam says he appreciates the professional environment, and even though he’s still a teen (like me) - he does the same work as his colleagues - ‘I have my own desk and everything!’

As you can see, Adam has nothing bad to say about apprenticeships - earning, learning and working is the perfect mix. He also points out that he can still get a degree, too - the best of both worlds.

Your ride not been as easy as Adams? Talk to us - we can help you!


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