6 Tips For Finding The One ❤

Hello everyone - I hope you’re all well, and happy Valentines Day to you all!

Today’s blog post is ‘6 Tips For Finding The One’ - no, I promise I’m not doing some absolutely cringey write-up about how to find the love of your life, no no. We’re talking about JOBS (namely apprenticeships), and how you can find one that’s ideal for you. Keep reading!


  1 -  Research your perfect employer and job

One of the best ways to get your ideal job is to research the company YOU want to work for - don’t wait for people to come to you.

Having a really clear idea about what exactly you want to do and who for can push you further - determination is key!

If you’re struggling to grasp what exactly it is you want to do and where (which is totally understandable), I’d really suggest paying a visit to a careers advisor or even doing something simple like a career quiz or assessment online - there’s tonnes out there!


2 - Advertise yourself!

Don’t wait around for people to see what you have to offer - let recruiters find YOU! Whether that’s making a full-blown blog, portfolio or Youtube Channel showcasing your skills and talents, or even just creating a LinkedIn account, let them discover you!


 3 - Know your worth

 Make sure you research the typical salaries and working hours for your ideal job - don’t let yourself fall into any traps (not that you would, of course) and remain professional at all times.

Another really important thing to do is to research organisations and companies - whether that’s online or via networking, make sure where you’re going/want to go is gon’ treat you right. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself in the workplace - you want this job to be the one, right?


4  - Gain new skills and qualifications

Often, getting a new job or moving to a different industry requires you to retrain - go for it! 

You’ll want to expand your skills and knowledge to fully thrive in your ideal role, won’t you? There are tonnes of classes, courses and opportunities out there that allow you to pick up new accomplishments and, cough cough, further your future.


5 - Remember, it's okay to turn something down!

 This may sound like a bit of an odd one, but it’s necessary - if you’ve been offered a job or a position which doesn’t quite meet your requirements (perhaps the pay is a bit too low, or the responsibilities aren’t something you want to do) - don’t be afraid to say no thank you.  

If you want to find THE job that is going to keep you interested and make you happy, be sure that it is indeed the right one. Put yourself first!


6 - Contact Further My Future

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