8 Most Popular Apprenticeships

Wow… according to the official government website, 491,300 people started an apprenticeship between 2016-2017. That’s a whopping record number!

Out of all these, though, I was wondering which are the most popular apprenticeships. Why was I wondering that? Well, I just wonder about quite random things, sometimes, okay?

I did a lil’ bit of research and found that these are the most popular apprenticeship schemes:



1 - Hairdressing & Barbering

Let’s be real,our vain selves are always going to need someone to chop our locks or trim our beards - no wonder it’s such a popular choice. If they’ve been trained well via an apprenticeship route, it’s gonna be good. We’ll always need them!



2 - Law

More and more people are choosing to kickstart their law careers as an apprentice rather than a uni student, just like Hal who we interviewed recently. It makes perfect sense!



3 - Electrician

A classic route. if you wanna be just like Elvis, take up an electrician apprenticeship. No, really… I’m serious. The King of Rock was an electrician apprentice. I ain’t lyin’! Follow in his footsteps.



4 - Business

Business is a widely sought-after qualification and popular in every respect, whether that’s a degree, A-Level or apprenticeship! ‘Business’ is a broad term and covers a wide range of topics, so no wonder it’s up there at the top.




5 - Engineering

Engineering as an industry is diverse, as are the apprenticeships within it. Tonnes of engineering apprenticeship opportunities feature degrees, so they usually get snapped up quick!



6 - I.T

The world is always going to need I.T boffins - as Magda tells us, it’s the future! The digital world is only expanding, and apprenticeship choice in this field is vast.



7 - Healthcare

It’s no surprise that apprenticeships in the healthcare industry are such a favourable choice; especially now that you can become a Nurse via an apprenticeship! In this field, you’ll learn how to develop your knowledge of healthcare to industry standards.




8 - Accounting

With the rising debts for university graduates, accounting apprenticeships give a direct route into a career, allowing you to earn while you learn. Ideal!


So, there we have it guys - these seem to be the most popular apprenticeships in the UK at the moment. Did any of them grab your attention? Sound up your street? Why don’t you get in touch with me and I can help make them happen!


Dayna SpearComment