Dayna Chats Future with Jacob

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Name: Jacob

Age: 19

Employer: Big C Cancer Charity

Job Title: Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprentice



Hi guys! Today, I’m chatting to a fellow Digital Marketing Apprentice - however, there’s a bit of a  difference. Jacob is an apprentice for Big C - a cancer charity based in Norfolk.

So, let’s hear what he has to say about his apprenticeship!


Dayna: Hi Jacob! Working for a charity sounds really cool - could you tell our readers a bit about what the Big C is?

Jacob: Sure! It’s a cancer charity, which has been going for around 40 years now, supporting people in and around Norfolk who are affected by cancer.


D: So, what’s your favourite part about having an apprenticeship with Big C?

J: You can see straight away the difference you are making. When you get a personal message from somebody you’ve helped or made aware of Big C, it feels really rewarding.


D: So, what made you choose to do an apprenticeship rather than go to uni?

J: My college always prompted us to go to university, but we had a lot of speakers come in from the media industry, and I saw that uni probably wasn’t the best option because it’s more about experience.  So, I thought ‘what’s the best way to learn more about the industry whilst also working?’ and I began looking down the apprenticeship route.


D: And why did you choose to do a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?

J: I’ve always been good at English and I.T so I wanted something where I could put the two together. I often thought about being a journalist but decided the best route would be digital to get a range of experience. 


D: So, how does your apprenticeship work?

J: ‘It’s a split programme - so, I go to college once a week, and then at work I manage the website content and plan our social media output. There’s a lot of work because it’s a smaller team, but I get to see first hand what the business is like. It also means I get to take on quite a lot of responsibility!


D: And what would you say is the most challenging part of an apprenticeship?

J: I'd say getting used to an office environment. At school and college I always had a structured timetable whereas at work, you’re responsible for yourself and your own timekeeping.’


D: Lastly, what advice would you give to someone unsure about whether they should do an apprenticeship?

J: If someone is totally sure about uni and that sort of structure is right for them, then they should look into that. But, if they’re not that sure then apprenticeships are the perfect in-between. It’s a great way to get to know the workplace, the industry and make good contacts.


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