Dayna Chats Future With Liliana

Name: Liliana

Age: 21

Liliana, Finance Apprentice at Sky, tells us how she chose an apprenticeship over university yo kick-start her career.

Employer: Sky

Job Title: Finance Apprentice


At 21, Liliana has just completed her Business Admin Apprenticeship within Sky’s Finance Department, and is now ready to take the next step in her career.


Working part-time at Russell & Bromley since she was 16, Liliana has now accepted the role of a Relief Manager for them.

‘Sky has been amazing,’ she explains, ‘and I was actually able to secure this higher position at Russell & Bromley because of the skills I learned at Sky. They really helped me to go forward and kickstart my career.’

It sounds like she’s had a busy few years working at Sky. She says she decided to choose the Business Admin apprenticeship because she had a strong interest in business at school and, as she points out, it can easily lead to other routes such as media or marketing.

I was really on the fence about applying to university.

I was really keen to chat to Liliana as she’s a classic apprenticeship success story. Since finishing her apprenticeship, she’s used it to start climbing the career ladder. Let’s find out more about how she’s achieved this!


Hi Liliana, thanks for agreeing to chat with me! Could you start by telling us why you chose to do an apprenticeship over university?

‘When I was doing my A Levels I was really on the fence about applying to university, so I decided to go straight into work. I’d been working part time since I was about 16 so I knew I enjoyed working!’

So why did you choose to do your apprenticeship with Sky?

‘Well Sky was the first and only place I applied for, actually. I was really lucky because I secured the role out of thousands of applicants.’

Amazing! So what was the best thing about doing an apprenticeship?

‘The best thing about my apprenticeship was the networking.

I think you can look at apprenticeships in two ways: either you feel like you’re at the bottom of the food chain, or you can look at it, like...I’m going to come in and make a name for myself - make people aware of me and what I can do.’

I’ve been given so much responsibility, just by putting myself forward.

What would you say was the most challenging part?

‘The challenge is when people don’t really understand what an apprentice is. I was worried I’d be seen as the coffee kid and be given the small jobs, but Sky was great from the very beginning. There was a real sense of them wanting to train me, and I felt they saw apprentices as valuable assets to the future of the company.’

What advice would you give to people leaving school or college with uncertainty about their next step?

‘My advice to anyone who is unsure would be to consider an apprenticeship. From my qualification I’ve been able to learn so many new skills - it can seem scary to be working alongside studying, but actually, if you’re with the right employer who supports you, then it’s a great way to start your career.’


It’s clear Liliana radiates confidence after completing her apprenticeship - she tells us she feels capable progressing in whatever role is thrown at her and she enjoys continuously learning new things.

Regarding young apprentices, Liliana is keen to prove that age is just a number. ‘Once we show them that we’re not just kids and we’re serious, the game changes. Honestly, over my two years I’ve been given so much responsibility, just by putting myself forward.’

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