What Your Child Wishes You Knew About Results Day


Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

As results day is getting closer and closer, I thought I’d write a post dedicated to all the parents out there who are probably more nervous than their kids for results day…

Look, it’s a scary time for the majority of the UK youth - we all know that! But, for your teen who’s had to endure months of revision, stress and exams, you need to remember that they might not be feeling so great about results - it’s totally normal.

Why not ease the stress for them as much as possible by just keeping in mind some things that they probably wish you’d remember about the big day. For example...


Let Them Open Alone

If it's their preference, let them open solo. Don’t rush towards them straight away and demand answers - when I got my GCSE results, I wanted to open them on my own just in case the grades were bad, so I could process it myself first! If they’d rather open the envelope alone, don’t argue. Let them do whatever is most comfortable for them - after all, it’s their results, not yours.

Don't Keep Asking Questions

They’re going to be nervous enough already - don’t spend the lead-up to the day questioning how they thought they’ve done, trying to remember how each and every exam went. At the end of the day, the exams are done now, and nothing is going to change those results - constantly asking about them will simply worry them more.


Don't Pile on Pressure!

Don't be that parent and pressure your child for good grades - they've already had enough of that! It's best to feel as little pressure as possible no matter what their situation is - all extra stress will do is put them off!


Remain Positive No Matter What

Okay, so the results are out and it’s not looking good. Maybe they didn’t get the grades to get into uni, or failed a particular subject. Whatever the situation is, try and stay positive! Every cloud has a silver lining and every pathway will open a new door to then. Whatever it is, they will be alright and being negative about the situation will only make them feel worse.

Re-Takes Are An Option!

It may not be ideal, but you should remember that your child can indeed retake exams if need be. It’s always an option, so don’t freak out if a grade wasn’t as good as you were hoping for.


So, there we have it - I hope today's post has helped to open your eyes about the stresses of results day and perhaps given you some advice on how to approach the big day... coming from someone who has experienced many results days. Good luck!


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