Quality Criteria, Benchmarking & Feedback

This document outlines how we categorise, quality assure and benchmark the progress and ability of candidates. Within this is a feedback mechanism that we implement throughout with honesty and respect enabling us to support the candidate to move forwards.

Matching ✅

Convert ➡️ Matching ➡️ Kick Off


STEP | Candidate Diagnostic: Candidate completes typeform. The criteria for assessing the quality of the candidate can be found here

STEP | Matching: The candidate review matches, feedback on typeform and has a final call to agree target apprenticeship route. The criteria for assessing the quality of the candidate can be found here

STEP | Kick Off: The candidate attends our Future Ready Kick Off session. The criteria for assessing the quality of the candidate can be found here


Future Ready 🚀

Content Review ➡️ Marking Candidate’s Work ➡️ Review your Learning ➡️Future’s View


STEP | Content Review

Each module has a number of activities within. On completion of each learning activity the candidate will be asked to complete a quick survey enabling them to feedback to us on the following:

  • Learning achieved

  • Engaging content

  • Ease of access

  • Quality of advice and guidance offered

  • New ideas & thinking

Guidance on scoring feedback gathered through this method can be viewed here


STEP | Marking Candidate’s Work

As candidates submit work, it’s important that we track the level to which they are completing the activities set and give feedback. This happens in the following ways.

✅ PASS or Above: Where a candidate submits work that is graded as PASS or greater, the coach feeds back to the candidate with encouraging feedback designed to make them feel valued. This motivates the candidate but also it is an opportunity to tackle gaps in knowledge and awareness that you identify.

❎ IN DEVELOPMENT: Where the candidate submits work that is below PASS you should ask the candidate to review the work they have submitted, be clear on why it is below par and offer support and guidance on how they can move forwards. Feedback should be progressive and positive

Guidance on each marking criteria against each module can be found in this document.


STEP | Reviewing your Learning 🤔

At the end of each unit the candidate will complete a survey - this is called Review your Learning | [Unit Name]. This survey can be reviewed against each unit below:

It is designed to measure the following:

  • The knowledge gained by the candidate

  • The skills learnt by the candidate

  • Satisfaction of the candidate towards the programme and support provided

  • Review of goals and targets and how effectively the candidate is progressing towards

Benchmarking Guidance can be viewed below:

  • My Role: here

  • My Brand: In development

  • My Interview: In development


STEP | Future’s View 👓

Now it’s time to gather all the work that the candidate has completed on Future Ready. This includes reviewing their work on FRP, their communication with you and keenness to progress.

This is completed initially by completing the following survey

Scoring guidance is viewable here

All of this will then be collated and presented back to the candidate as a unit overview showcasing their achievements.