How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

Chantelle Denner


Welcome to the Future Ready Programme

Our Future Ready Programme is designed to take you through the steps to help you find a great career. Take a moment to watch the video below before you get started to learn how the programme works and what to expect.

Your Programme


Target completion date = 14/04/2019

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Course 1 | Aiming High

In this course you will also spend time exploring your apprenticeship match and where it could lead you in the future.


Aiming high

Build your skills



Course 2 | Killer comms

In this course you will work to understand how to communicate effectively and professionally through different channels.


You’ve got mail

Call me



Course 3 | My profile

In this course you will create a digital profile that will be shared with employers.


My values

My time

My statement

My intro



Course 4 | Securing the job

In this course you will look at how to best prepare for and shine at an interview.


Interview types

Prep like a boss

The practice run