How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

Hi, I'm Dayna S.


I am an independent and diligent individual with particular strengths in working solo if necessary, but also in a team. I have fantastic communication skills and feel confident talking to new people.

My interest in marketing arose for my love of social media and blogging - I am a passionate blogger and am always looking to improve my presence and grow my skills.

In the next year I hope to have landed a digital marketing role within a company I find genuinely interesting and exciting and who’s values I level with and understand. Company values are important to me as I believe good, mutual values within a team make a brilliant and effective working environment and workforce. Working everyday in a job I enjoy will motivate me to achieve the best not only for my company, but also any clients and colleagues I come across.


My Project

I write a weekly blog for Further My Future here. I do this simply because I love to write (especially about things that will help other young people like myself in some way) and because it looks great on my CV. It’s a fantastic way for potential employers to get a taste of my style of writing and see my potential as a writer.

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Personality Profile

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The Details

Age: 20

Location: Brighton

Availability: Immediately

Role: Digital Marketer



A Level - English Lang | B

A Level - English Lit | C

A Level - Sociology | C