How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

Dan Smedley


Your Role


Through this unit you explored the role you are targeting, and improved your understanding of it. You explored the skills you’ll need to impress prospective employers and where your future career path is likely to take you. Alongside this, you gained insight into the industry and got the opportunity to speak to an expert in the field - 👏🏼 you did a lot.


Module Overview


Module 1 | My Role, My Skills

What was awesome 👏🏼

Completed the skills check realistically and quickly. Well done. You then converted these into clear strengths and weaknesses aligned to yourself and the role. You focused quite carefully on the skills you have that relate to a career in digital, and you are confident in your abilty

What would of made it even more awesome 🚀

You worked out a plan, which most people don't do. Well done. There could have been more depth to this plan, specifically looking at how you could develop your skills and knowledge of the job role. Hopefully, call with your expert has opened your eyes to what needs to be done.


Module 2 | My Future Self

What was awesome 👏🏼

You reviewed and researched some information and were able to answer all questions on the survey effectively. You completed this activity quickly, and pulled together information that was relevant, including salary information and job role type.

What would of made it even more awesome 🚀

Your final statement on where you would like to be in 5 years was a bit vague Dan. Can you see what I mean?

"I'd like to be comfortably working in a creative environment where I can use my skills to the best of my ability and have fun while doing it."

I think you've learnt a lot more about the industry since this moment - the feedback from the next module says so. I think it will be really crucial for you to up your research of the job roles in the sector so you're crystal clear on the work that takes place in the Software Development world.


Module 3 | My Chosen Industry

What was awesome 👏🏼

You're strongest performance was on this module, after a sticky start trying to send an email and getting hold of Vicky...not sure what happened there. Your reflection on the experience and the feedback from Vicky is great 👌🏻. It seems you learnt loads from this. Well done for grabbing the opportunity. We'll build on this during the next Unit.

What would of made it even more awesome 🚀

Just getting that email slick and having the confidence to figure out what you would like to gain from the call - coming up with questions - otherwise I think you smashed this one. Well done 



Your Skills


Through this module you have been building your skills through all of the learning activities you have undertaken. So let's see where you are at.


Self Confidence


Personal Motivation


Self Awareness


Written Communication


Verbal Communication


Research & Analysis







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Problem Solving



Summative Feedback


Dan I'm really impressed with this approach. You're confident and assured. You're responding to what we ask of you and this is all being fed to our employer team. 

You clearly enjoyed talking to Vicky and got a lot out of it. It's opened up a lot of questions for you that will be dealt with by the next unit where we explore Brand. This unit will prepare you and get you to explore the industry, whilst also selling you. 

I'm excited to see how you approach it. 

Well done!