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Text etiquette


Texting in a professional way to employers may sound alien, and it’s perhaps more unusual than the typical phone call. However, it’s fast becoming one of the most useful and quick ways to communicate in business, so it’s worth taking note of some do’s and dont’s for texting in case you find yourself with a message from the big boss!

Do’s & don’ts of texting:


  • Use clear language that’s easy to understand.

  • Pay attention to the time - perhaps texting an employer at 3am isn’t entirely appropriate!

  • Remain professional - I know those emojis are tempting (and we love them) but maybe hold off on this occasion.

  • Check for pesky auto-corrects - they can be rather awkward.


  • Ignore the text - this will appear unorganised or uninterested!

  • Use slang or abbreviations - you’re not texting your mate!

  • Reach out to them first - if the employer hasn’t initiated the text conversation or asked you to text them, it’s best not to.

  • Take ages to respond - leaving someone on ‘read’ for 5 hours isn’t the best idea.

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