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Phone call etiquette


Professional phone calls with employers can seem really scary and daunting - I understand that, especially if you’ve never experienced one before! But, I assure you, there’s nothing to be worried about - chances are, the person on the other end would have experienced hundreds before! If you’re concerned about what to expect, check out the golden rules below for how to smash it!

Do’s & don’ts of phone calls:

1 - Do’s

  • Arrange the phone call for a time where you know you’ll be in a calm environment, such as at home.

  • Speak clearly and slowly if you need to - there’s no need to rush yourself and get flustered.

  • Greet appropriately with a ‘hello!’ and close properly with a goodbye.

  • Be prepared - depending on the nature of the phone call, you might have to prep answers or ideas beforehand (i.e. if it’s a telephone interview.)

  • If you aren’t able to speak professionally (for example, if you’re on the bus) deal with the moment - offer to call back ASAP and explain your situation.


  • Use speakerphone unless you have to - it can make the call sound unclear and crackly.

  • Arrange the phone call for a time where you think you might be in a loud or distracting place.

  • Use slang words or language that’s too informal

  • Get distracted or lose focus on the conversation

  • Speak really loudly or, worse, too quietly to the point where they won’t hear you properly.

  • Leave the caller on hold - this will seem rude and come across like you’re not dedicated.

  • Forget what jobs you’ve applied to - you should remember what companies were connected to which roles, so when you answer the phone you sound focused.

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