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Laura Clarke

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Level 4 | Associate Project Manager


Future Ready


The Future Ready programme is designed with your needs and interests in mind. We work with you to explore different careers, ensuring you’re fully aware of all the options available to you. We help you to understand each area of the apprenticeship, and the types of apprenticeships and employers out there. We show you how to sell yourself on application and interview to become the best version of yourself. The programme is delivered in modules, supported by coaching calls to support you through each stage.


What will you be working on?

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Your Role

Exploring your target job, future career progression, business types and assessing your skills (especially those required for the job)

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Your Brand

Gaining awareness of yourself, your skills, qualities, traits and exploring how you can best sell brand YOU to potential employers

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Your Interview

Explore interview types, questions & answers, managing stress and performing to show the best version of yourself on the day

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Your Role


Here we’ll explore the role  you are targeting, and look at your understanding of it. We’ll explore the skills you’ll need to impress prospective employers and where your future career path is likely to take you. Alongside this, you’ll gain insight into the industry and the types of companies out there who you’d aspire to work for.


My Role, My Skills

My Future Self

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My Chosen Industry

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Your Brand


Selling brand YOU. Here we’ll explore your traits, qualities, strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also discover what our employers value and how to create a personal brand that sings to their needs and sells you as the answer to their prayers.


My Brand | Values

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My Brand | Passions

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My Project

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Securing the job


Here, we bring it all together - all our knowledge of the employer, the role and your brand. You’ll gain insight into interviewing practices and have first hand experience of interviewing, putting yourself to test. Feedback and learning from this experience will sharpen your skills, enabling you to thrive in the real thing.


Prep like a boss

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My Practice Run

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