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Making a great intro video


See Dayna’s sample video above to give you an idea of what we are looking for.

This is the first time a potential employer is going to meet you so first impressions count. Think about what first impression do you want to create? You want to put forward the best version of yourself, so follow the guidance below to create that amazing introduction.

1. Practical stuff

The setup of your video and the environment is just as important as what you say. If there is lots of background noise or and unmade bed behind you - that is what will draw the viewer's attention rather than what you’re saying so take it account the following do’s and don'ts.


✅ Find a quiet space to record your video without interruption of background noise

✅ Record in front of a plain/smart background

✅ Look smart - imagine this is an interview, scenario dress to impress!

✅ Use a laptop/computer/phone that records great quality sound and video

Record your video landscape and ideally get someone else to record you or use a stand so you're not holding the device.

✅ Look into the camera - engage the viewer. Film it as though you are talking directly to someone - eye contact goes a long way

✅ Relax and just be yourself!


Record your video somewhere where there will be lots of background noise. People talking or traffic noise is super distracting so find that quiet spot.

Film yourself in your bedroom unless it’s uber tidy. Do you really want a future employer to see your unmade bed or your washing - think about that first impression.

❌  Don’t film in selfie mode as above use a stand or get someone to film you

❌ Don’t film in portrait

Do not read directly from a script and not engage with the camera - it leaves your intro feeling unengaging. More on this below.

2. Creating the content

We want this video to be a chance for employers to get to know you - it should showcase your personality and your story opposed to a formal ‘this is me and these are all my skills’. It’s a chance for them to hear from you directly and see your passion for the role, so enjoy it and don’t forget to smile.

Below is a guide to help you structure your video. These are some ideas, you don’t need to follow it step by step, use it as inspiration to tell your story and make it your own.

Your details | 10 seconds

Introduce yourself and what career you’re seeking. Make sure you keep it broad; e.g. If you want to be an accountant, talk about being interested in finance. This will keep your options open.

Your why | 15-20 seconds

Talk about your ambitions, passions and what has inspired you to pursue this career path. What about it do you love? what has driven you to want to go into this career?

Summarise | 5-10 seconds

Make sure you end your recording concisely with a good sign off

Don't worry about getting it right the first time. It will take a few goes. Practice what you want to say out loud first, so you get comfortable saying it before you turn the camera on.

3. Reading from a script

Writing a script is a great place to start as it will allow you to make note of the key points you want to make. After you have had a few practice goes and you feel ready to record, if you still are not confident enough to record without your script in front of you, just remember to make eye contact with the camera. If you don’t look at the camera it’s hard for the person watching to engage with you.

The best way to do this is to have your script or key points positioned above the camera so you’re always looking in that direction.

So be confident, make eye contact and give them a real sense of who you are and what makes you tick.

Don’t worry if it takes a few goes to get it right, that’s totally normal. Once you’ve got the one and you’re ready, remember to upload your video to Youtube (make sure it's unlisted) and then share the link below.