How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

Making a great intro video


See Dayna’s sample video above to give you an idea of what we are looking for.

To create an amazing video follow these steps.

1. Practical stuff

Start by making sure that you have the following things in place to make a great recording. You should have:

  • A quiet space to record your video without interruption of background noise

  • A plain/smart background

  • A laptop/computer/phone that records great quality sound and video

  • Record your video landscape and ideally get someone else to record you or use a stand so you're not holding the device.

  • Know how to save and upload your creation to youtube (unlisted).

2. Creating the content

This video will form part of your profile. We want this video to be a chance for the employers to get to know you - it should be conversational and showcase your personality and your story opposed to a formal ‘this is me and these are all my skills’.

Below is a guide to help you structure your video. These are some ideas, you don’t need to follow it step by step, use it as inspiration to tell your story and make it your own.

Your details | 10 seconds

Introduce yourself, your age and what industry/role you’re looking to work in. 

Your why | 15-20 seconds

Talk about your ambitions, passions and what has inspired you to pursue this career path.

Summarise | 5-10 seconds

Make sure you end your recording concisely and summarise the key points

Don't worry about getting it right the first time. It will take a few goes. Practice what you want to say out loud first, so you get comfortable saying it before you turn the camera on.

Remember to upload this to Youtube (make sure it's unlisted) and then share the link below.