How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

My Brand

1 Hour

1 Hour




This module offers you an opportunity to increase your self awareness, enhancing your ability to make decisions about your future and focus your thinking. Having clarity on who you are, what fires your passion and where you’re headed will enhance your ability to sell yourself to employers as we move forwards.


I understand the concept of personal branding


I have become clear on my qualities, personality traits, and skills


I have become clearer on how I come across to people around me


I am clear on how people form an opinion about me and how I influence this


I am clear about the strengths and areas for development relating to my personal characteristics


I am clear about the strengths and areas for development relating to my technical competency


Learning Activities


1. Your Brand Analysis |

The result of the work you complete in this module will eventually be given to potential employers, so taking time to complete this well will reap rewards. Be confident, creative and take your time to work through each stage of this exercise.

Remember you can call your coach at any time if you need help! We’re here to support you all the way.

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