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My Chosen Industry




After researching the role, skills required and various career paths, this module is designed to further increase knowledge of your target role. Central to this module is the opportunity to interview an industry expert about their job and seek information and advice from them that will enable you to have the edge at interview.


I am clear about the job role I am targeting


I understand the type of employers my expert has worked for and is working for now


I understand what product/service these employers provide and the experts role in this


I know possible career paths in front of me more clearly and can articulate this


I know the type of industries and companies my expert has worked for


I can seek advice that improves my chances at interview


I can review my learning from this interview


Learning Activities

You will only have 15 minutes on your call, so you should plan to make the most effective use of this time. Follow these steps to get ready!


1. Get Ready | 

Review your experts CV & LinkedIn Profile to learn more about their career to date and the job they do now. Use this sheet to help guide your research. Once this is complete, move onto the next stage.


2. Introduce yourself | Part 1

Craft an email to your expert. Follow this guide to take you through this step. When complete, send it over to your coach to get feedback and final clearance to send it to your expert.


3. Introduce yourself | Part 2 

Now you’ve had your email signed off, it’s time to send the email to your expert. Remember to send them an invite with potential times you could speak. Once this has been received you will need to respond with a Hangouts link that you arrange.


4. Time to talk |

Now we have everything in place to make our video call. (But if you’re unsure that you’re ready, make sure you tell your coach!)

Pre-Flight Checks - can you confidently answer ‘YES’ to each of  these?

A week before:

  • You’ve written to your expert professionally, introducing yourself perfectly

  • You’ve researched their career and role

  • You’ve identified what you need to learn from them

  • You know how to use ‘Hangouts’ (you won’t need a webcam if that’s a worry)

An hour before:

  • Computer setup and ready to go

  • You’re in a place that is quiet, appropriate and somewhere you won’t be disturbed

  • You’re on time (5 minutes early is on time)

Top Tip: During the call, remember to be super engaged and impress your expert. We’re already working on your personal brand in this call, so how you come across through your organisation and verbal communication will pay dividends. You get back what you put in.


5. Time to Review |

After the call is complete, it's time to review what you have learnt. Make sure you complete this straight after the call to effectively capture the learnings from your time with an expert.



Once you have completed this activity and uploaded your content, this module will be complete. Keep an eye on your inbox for feedback and info about the next stage.