How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

My Future Self




Begin with the ‘End in Mind’ (S. Covey) So, whilst it may be hard to figure out the answer to the question of ‘where will you be in 5 years time’, knowledge is power. The more you know about the different options that are out there, the more focused and successful you will be as you become more assured of your future. This module will help you figure out your apprenticeship pathway and beyond.


I understand the different levels available, how they link and what my pathway could be


I understand potential earnings in the sector I'm aiming for


I understand the entry requirements in the sector I'm aiming for

I can clearly articulate what my 1-5 year career plan is and what it looks like


Learning Activities


1. Your Future Analysis | 

We want you to look at where your role can take you in the future. Head to this survey and fill in the information requested such as:

  • Review where I want to be in 5 years - the best version of my future self

  • What are the medium term things I need in place to achieve this?

  • What do I need to do in the short term to achieve this?


Useful Links

To find the information needed above, you'll need to use your research and analysis skills. Below are some links to help you get started.


Note: Remember to not exit your survey while halfway through as all your information will be lost!


Once you have completed this activity and uploaded your content, this module will be complete. Keep an eye on your inbox for feedback and info about the next stage.