How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

My Practice Run

1 Hour

1 Hour




Building on all your learning about your ideal apprenticeship, awareness of yourself, your career path and the ways to prepare for interview in this last module Further My Future gives you a chance to practice interview techniques for real through our mock interview experience.


I am clear on the preparation needed for an in person interview to give myself the best chance of success

I can effectively reflect on my performance and take on feedback

I can demonstrate that I am able to ask effective questions in an interview scenario

I am clear on where I currently am and where I need to be and have goals and actions that reflect this


Learning Activity

1. My practice run |

If you've completed the the previous module, My Prep, you should have a time set with us to complete your mock interview and presentation. We're hoping you smash it 💪

When you have completed your presentation take some time to complete this review of your performance.

Once you complete this your coach will send over a review of your performance via email.

2. Review your learning |

Once you've completed this activity this unit is complete. There's one more thing to complete. Please complete the survey below so we're able to rate your skills and readiness for work .