How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

My statement

1 Hour

30 mins




In this module, we’re going to create a great statement that brings your profile to life.

In this module you will learn:

  • How to create a great written statement



Learning activities

1. Creating the perfect statement

It’s now time to bring together the work you have done so far through the programme on your role and skills alongside your values to create one coherent statement that will really showcase you, your personality and your passion.

The statement should encompass:

  • Your values and traits - the kind of person you are with examples to back this up

  • Your time - what got you interested in this career? What do you do in your spare time that you love?

  • Your skills - what hard skills do you have or want to build on that mean you’re a good fit for this career?

  • You ambition - what are you looking for in your career? What are your career goals and how can an apprenticeship help you get there.

Check out Dayna’s example below:

“I am an independent and diligent individual with particular strengths in working solo if necessary, but also in a team. I have fantastic communication skills and feel confident talking to new people.

My interest in marketing arose for my love of social media and blogging. I am a passionate blogger and am always looking to improve my presence and grow my own skills, whether that be photography, video editing or analytics. I believe the skills I have learnt in building my own following has given me great foundations to build on with and for a company.

In the next year I hope to have landed a digital marketing role within a company I find genuinely interesting and exciting and whose values I level with and understand. Company values are important to me as I believe good, mutual values within a team make a brilliant and effective working environment and workforce. Working everyday in a job I enjoy will motivate me to achieve the best not only for my company, but also any clients and colleagues I come across.”

Try and limit your word count to 200 characters max. Keep it on point and concise. The punchier the statement the better. Think about the guidance above and the key things you want to get across. When you’re ready to create your own, get started below.