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Preparing For An Interview

1 Hour

1 Hour




Only 2 modules to completion of the Future Ready programme. You’re nearly there!

This module will take you through the steps required to prepare for an interview, including researching the employer and the types of questions you’ll likely to be asked. All this homework will increase your chances of making a great impression.


I am clear and can effectively demonstrate the activities needed to effectively prepare for interview


Learning Activities

1. Preparing For An Interview |

Firstly take some time to watch this video to gain an understanding of what you need to do. Then head back here to begin preparations for a great interview performance.

2. My Trial Vacancy |

Now it's time to email [email protected] and ask for your trial vacancy to be sent through. 

Our team will respond with a job that is matched for you. This will be a job vacancy that will help you practice so when it's time for the real thing you're ready to go.

Once you have received the job from us follow the actions in this activity to complete your research. 

When you're ready download this document*

*If this document doesn't automatically download and instead opens in your browser. Please download it from your browser and then open locally on your computer otherwise you will NOT be able to save your work if you edit directly in your browser.

Once you have completed this upload it below.

3. Book your interview time |

Before you go any further it's time to email [email protected] and request an interview slot. We'll email back with confirmation of the time and venue via email. 

4. Prep time |

Now it's over to you. Review the content of the video at the beginning of this module and start creating a fantastic presentation for your interviewer. 

When you're ready, email a copy of your presentation to [email protected]. If you can email this in PDF format that's ideal 👌

Dress code: Think carefully about how you dress for the experience. If you're unsure what to wear contact us, but as a rule you should follow the guidance and advice in this article.