How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

Making a statement about your time


Step 1 | Review your assessment

You’ve completed an assessment of how you use your time and what it teaches you.

  • Check your email to review the results.

  • Pick the hobbies or interest that you feel are the most relevant to the job. (e.g. If you want to work in software programming, perhaps you attend a coding club)

Step 2 | Draft the statement

  • List the key things that you learn from your this hobby or interest.

  • Draft a statement that does the following:

    - Describes what your interest/hobby is

    - Explains why you enjoy it

    - Describes what you learn from it (make sure these are relevant to the role you’re seeking)

Below are some examples to show you what a great statement looks like.

“My interest in marketing arose for my love of social media and blogging. Through my passion for blogging I learn to write for my audience and use technical skills to increase reach and presentation.”

“My interest in software testing came from a young age. I loved I.T lessons and took lots of extra-curricular activities in my own time to advance my skills and understand how software is developed and tested.”

Step 3 | Upload your statement

When you feel happy with your statement, upload it below.