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Email like a pro

  1. Read Dayna’s top tips

Writing emails in a professional way is super simple but it’s just one of those things we don’t get taught in school. So, check out my top tips below for a rough guide to writing an email in the world of work!

Top Tips:

1. Greetings

Always greet the person you are emailing with a ‘hello’. Never jump straight into the topic without saying hi first or, if you don’t know them, introduce yourself professionally.

2. Subject lines matter

Include a subject line so the recipient knows what you’re talking about. Otherwise, this may cause confusion or your email to be lost! For example: Meeting on the 3rd of November

3. Sign off

In the same way you would greet someone, make sure you say ‘bye’ (not literally.) A goodbye such as ‘Kind regards’ or ‘Yours sincerely’ is a good option as it sounds professional and clear.

4. Language, please

Avoid slang or language that is too informal. I’m not saying you have to use a load of fancy words and show off your punctuation skills, but try to use clear language that everyone will be able to understand, so your email is easy to follow!

Check out our example email below if you’re still stuck.

“Subject: Application for Digital Marketing Apprenticeship”

“Dear Mark,

I am writing to apply for the position of Digital Marketing Apprentice, advertised on your website.

I have spent this summer working as a Social media assistant which has given me valuable skills in creating great content, managing my time effectively and working as part of a team. I also had the opportunity to spend some time with the SEO team, which developed my passion to work in digital marketing.

I have attached my CV for you to review. Do let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Dayna Spear”

2. Email like a pro

Now it’s over to you. Write an email for the following vacancy expressing your interest in the position. (We know in real life, this may not be a job you’d want to do - we just want to see how you would communicate)

Vacancy: HR Support Apprentice

Hiring manager: Dayna Spear

Skills required you should capture attention by mentioning:

  • IT literate

  • Good team player

  • Work to deadlines

Remember your email should use:

  • A great intro

  • A statement that captures attention and explains why you’re interested in the company and the role

  • A great sign-off

  • Overall tone should be appropriate

When you’re ready to start, write your email below

We will review this as if this was a real application. So before you send, read through one more time, check for any little mistakes and make that first impression count!

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