Candidate Standards Matching


The below process outlines how we currently match candidates to industry areas and subsequent apprenticeship standards within those areas.

Industry Area Match

  • Take subjects studied
    •     If favourite subjects noted then highlight
  • Take predicted grades for those subjects
    •     If A level and predicted grade > C,  standard can = Level 4+
    •     If A level and predicted grade < C, standard = Level 3 -4 dependent on entry requirements
    •     If BTEC L3 and predicted grade > merit,  standard can = Level 4+
    • If BTEC L3 and predicted grade < merit,  standard = Level 3 -4 dependent on entry requirements
  • Take interests highlighted
  • Crosscheck against subjects and if any correlation highlight
  • Check skills self assessment
  • Highlight any strengths or weaknesses
  • Take Career area of interest
  • Crosscheck against subjects and if any correlation highlight
  • Crosscheck against interests and if any correlation highlight
  • From the above highlight key areas of interest
  • Take personality Myers briggs code and check recommended careers for that type
  • Cross reference against key area of interest
    •     If clear matches then highlight
    •     Else dig deeper into personality matched careers against skills identified to find specific areas
    •     If still not matches arrange call with candidate to dig deeper

Ideally you would have 2-3 industry areas matched.



Industry > Standards Match

Now we have industry area matches we need to find standards under those industry that best match the candidates skills and interests.

Head to:

First use the Apprenticeship Level scale to select the correct level for the candidate - Ref predicted grades from previous stage.

Note: if the candidate has prior exp in the subject at Alevel or BTEC with good grades as well as high categorisation then try and match to a level 4+ route else if no experience in matched area look at level 3

Then select industry area from the Route(s) menu

Using the above filters and all the information you gathered at Industry Match stage pick the top standard matches for that individual based on their interests and skills.

Note: Only match to standards approved

Ideally you would have 2-3 standard matches under each area. Or if fewer industry areas higher standards matches.



Standards Match > Locality

Now we have a cohort of matching standards for the candidate we need to see whether these are available in the candidates chosen area.

Check on Live Candidate Profile Database what they have stated as their desired distance to travel or relocation location and use as a guide. If they have said they are happy to relocate to anywhere then this stage can just be used a check that training providers exist currently for standard, if they have been specific check that local area as opposed to Brighton

Head here:

And input the matched standards title

Select the correct standard and then enter central Brighton postcode unless relocation is specified

If there is a local training provider < 10 miles away then ✅

Else, is there a national provider available?

If yes then ✅

Else ❌

Repeat for all matching standards to get to a selected match shortlist of 4-6 standards that match both candidate needs and local job market.