How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

Hi, I’m Milo B.


Hi, I’m Milo - I’m 20 years old and I’m super interested in technology; specifically, software development. I’ve always taken a serious interest in I.T, and used my spare time to improve my skills and knowledge. After gaining some work experience shadowing a Software Developer, I was certain that this was the route I wanted to follow.

Besides software development, I also have a passion for digital illustration. In the past few years, I've really worked to expand my creative talents, explore new ideas and learn how to improve on older ideas. I love digital illustration because I enjoy creating art and different characters. Video editing is also a key part of my digital illustration both of which I have taught myself from scratch, which I am really proud of.

Something I’ve particularly wanted to focus on career-wise is the development of my skills in animation. I’ve had some experience of this through my games design course when I used C# in the 3D games I built - I hope to explore more of this in the future!

When it comes to software development, I’m interested in both web design and programming. Through IT studies at college as well as in my free time I’ve enjoyed learning to design and create programs and websites mostly using HTML, CSS and visual basic/Java. I’m always actively learning more about programming in my spare time. At the moment I'm focusing on learning Java to improve my ability with this language.

My Project

I have collected my work in both software development in digital illustration in a central location to showcase my skills in this area. I created a website with examples of all my work, including digital artwork, social media and web development. I am passionate about my artwork and it’s been my favourite hobby for years, so I hope you like the it as much as I do. Please click the image below to see full examples of what I've been up to.

Personality Profile

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The Details

Age: 20

Location: Brighton

Availability: Immediately

Role: Software Development


A Level - Computing | B

A Level - Art | C

A Level - Sociology | C