In this module we’ll focus on how you love to spend your time, and what this teaches you.

Depending on what your hobbies or interests are you’ll be constantly learning from your experiences. Employers will be keen to see what you spend your spare time doing and what skills it develops.

Interests, hobbies and passions make sure you stand out to employers!

Remember - everything you do here goes towards your profile which will be sent to potential employers.

In this module you’ll:






Learning Activities

1. What interests do you have? |

Take a moment to watch these resources to spark some inspiration.

Click here to watch

2. What your time teaches you |

Let’s work out what your interests, passions, hobbies and what they teach you.

Click here to begin.

3. Review your results |

You’ll be emailed the results of the previous activity. Use this to consider your top hobbies/passions/interests and what you learn. When you’re ready, upload a statement selling you to employers here.

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