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Further My Future offers apprenticeship employers the means to post free vacancy profiles on our application, which is accessed by students in our network of schools and colleges.

We also share digital profiles of school/college leavers that have been matched to apprenticeship roles that employers may be recruiting for.

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Hi, I’m Jess

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Hello, I’m Jess and I am interested in beginning a career in engineering. I have always enjoyed maths and solving problems so have been attracted to engineering since I can remember. I am looking for a company that can both use and develop my skills and start me on a great career in engineering.

My interest in engineering arose from my love for problem solving. I like to be challenged and given in-depth problems which will require me to adapt my problem solving process to complete and come up with new solutions to allow me and my teammates to achieve our goals.

In the up coming years I hope to be working within the field of engineering with a company which respects its employees and provides many opportunities for them to improve as an engineer.

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These are images of the two products I made at my work experience with BAE, during their creation I learnt how to work with precision from a design while using a range of tools including a lathe, metal scribe and file. I also learnt the importance of safety protocols and following designs when necessary.

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