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Further My Future offers apprenticeship employers the means to post free vacancy profiles on our application, which is accessed by students in our network of schools and colleges.

We also share digital profiles of school/college leavers that have been matched to apprenticeship roles that employers may be recruiting for.

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Hi, I’m Lucy

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Hi, I'm Lucy. I am 21 years old and currently studying for my A Levels in Mathematics, Pyschology and Economics. From a very young age I have always been interested in working with numbers, and throughout my education it has strengthened my desire to have a career within accounting and overall the financial sector. This has been confirmed after I had completed various work experience placements, as I thoroughly enjoyed my time in each company.

I enjoy working within a team, but I am confident in working with my own initiative. I have good organisational skills and plan and execute my work in a logical order. Often, I take the leadership role, ensuring all objectives and deadlines are met to a high standard. Working collaboratively within a team is essential. I like to make sure that every team member is included and knows what is required of them, whilst being a part of the team myself.

In my spare time, I enjoy my part-time retail employment where I am required to use my problem solving skills to resolve queries to a positive outcome for both the company and customer. I have gained interpersonal skills and have the ability to communicate with others effectively.

In the future I would like to pursue a career within the accounting and financial sector. This is an area I have a keen interest in and would like to progress through to achieve the best I could be. I believe with my 'can do attitude' and motivation I would be a good asset to the company.

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The work presented is from my work experience for a coach company. I had to use information given to me by different brokers regarding various coach requests (which is presented in the spreadsheet), and then had to use the online instantaneous pricing tool of the company to come up with a quote, after comparing it to a different company's quote (market research). I used a spreadsheet to organise the information in a clear and concise way.

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